A few days ago I’ve been thinking whether there’s a more interactive way of learning flexbox, rather than this great guide.

I know the basics, the concept, read this introduction many times, but I had to look up the parameters all the time.

In my not so comprehensive searching I’ve found 2 great interactive tutorials.

  • Webflow tutorial feels like a way to introduce the flexbox possibilities in its user interface, but a great way to practice with real examples. It can be clicked through in a few hours.

  • Flexbox zombies is a great way to keep the knowledge in your hands. You practice by writing code. The task difficulties increase slowly and gradually, first it holds your hand, then let you practice alone. It advices you to keep longer breaks between the sections to let your earned knowledge rest, and that way stay longer with you. I love the story, i love the artwork. Originally it is a course that you can get for $225, but currently it is open for enrollbent for free. It consists of 12 lessons, I keep a day between levels, so it is definitely not a quick tutorial.