Ever since I wrote about VSCode Reveal, I wanted to have a command-line interface to generate the same output. I loved that well-configured behavior and did not want to start from scratch. Finally, I had the time to do it.

Getting started

The revealjs-cli npm package is available here.

The Github repo is available here.


npm install revealjs-cli

Create a markdown file for the slideshow.

Access info about the available features via --help flag.

revealjs cli help

Export slides

Run the tool with params to export

revealjs-cli \
    --build \
    --location ./slides-dist \
    --open ./path/to/markdown/slideshow.md

NOTE: It removes the folder that the location is set to. It asks for permission before that happens. You can bypass it with --yes flag, for CI-friendly behavior.

Export PDF

You can create a pdf with the browser’s print feature.

It can be forced with ?print-pdf-now queryparam at the end of the url.

Serve Slides

If you specify --serve flag, or a port to serve on with --port, then the server will not shut down, and it can be accessed from e.g. a browser.

Happy sliding!