The 4th OITM has finished. OITM is an IT championship in Hungary sponsored by large tech companies.

The current championship had 22 categories, that had rounds every week. I participated in 7 categories. I learned from past years, that it’s harder to stick with completing all tests weekly if I’m not familiar with the topic at all.

This year I finally get to the end! I enjoyed participating. I could have prepared more, but I’m happy with the end result.

I learned about the nuances of many fields. The questions helped me refresh my knowledge on topics I don’t use in my day-to-day work.


Here are my results for this year ordered by Percentage:

Category namePercentageExact
Web development with traditional methods11.81%60. / 508
IT security12.81%61. / 476
Accessible websites13.77%46. / 334
Python24.75%102. / 412
DevOps30.28%116. / 383
Linux System Development and Operation36.26%132. / 364
Language-independent programming and Databases38.65%218. / 564

Looking forward to it next year!