Another year has passed, and the 5th OITM has finished. OITM is an IT championship in Hungary, sponsored by large tech companies.

The current championship had 25 challenges across different fields. Every week there’s a new round. This year I participated in 13 categories.

I enjoyed the competition, and I’m happy with my results. My favorite categories were the Accessible websites, where we learned about the diverse users of the web, and Python backend development, where most of the questions were about the latest features of Python. I needed to be up to date.

I learned about the nuances of many fields. The questions helped me refresh my knowledge on topics I don’t use in my day-to-day work. And my results reflect the categories that I do work with regularly. I joined the Windows Server category just for fun, and it shows.

There were a few 1-hour challenges in the competition that I was unsure about but submitted ahead of time. After submission, I wanted to figure out the result and got it before my clock would have run out. It was an excellent lesson for next time to fight till the end.


This year, first time ever, I got into the TOP 25 in two categories! 🎉

Here are my results for this year ordered by Percentage:

Category namePercentageExact
DevOps2.97%12 / 404
React.JS3.58%11 / 307
Linux System Development7.49%31 / 414
Angular frontend development13.58%47 / 346
Containerization (Kubernetes)13.67%35 / 256
Accessible websites15.95%63 / 395
Language-independent programming and Databases18.18%132 / 726
Embedded Systems (C)20.66%56 / 271
Python backend development22.02%74 / 336
Problem-analysis in Enterprise Systems22.40%56 / 250
Cyber Security23.53%108 / 459
Industrial Networks23.98%53 / 221
Windows Server Operations43.17%155 / 359

I am looking forward to it next year!

Happy Coding!