The 6th OITM has just finished for me. OITM is an IT championship in Hungary, sponsored by large tech companies held in November for 7 rounds.

The current championship had 29 challenges across different fields. Every week there’s a new round. This year I participated in 17 categories.

How I felt

I needed to put in way more time than what I expected.

This year I needed some weeks to get into it and at the end I felt bad about not taking it more seriously earlier.

It took me a while to get over my disappointment in last year’s award ceremony and push myself to learn something new in the categories.

My favorite categories were the Cloud BI, where I realized I know more about BI then what I thought.

And React.js, because it made me feel good about how much I already know, while pointing out the new directions that I could learn in it.

2 years ago my favourite category was Cybersecurity, this year that was the one I enjoyed the least, and even stopped participating. After looking at the categories I think I should have joined to IT Security, that would have been probably what I missed.

I deliberately hadn’t participated in categories where I knew I would fail badly like Microsoft related categories, php or Effective Java.

What Changed

This year the organizers started to give out badges for point over the average, time below the average and flawless round. Also they gave out coupons for each category winners each week.

I liked that there was a new category for Excel, and that now many categories stopped sending out 4 answer guess forms.


I earned these badges, that are currently visible on my profile.

  • 1x Category champion (Cloud BI)
  • 70/119 rounds I scored over the average point of all participants
  • 61/119 rounds I finished earlier than the average of all participants
  • 15/119 flawless rounds
  • 1 Elite Club membership

Here are what I know about my results as of now for this year ordered by Percentage:

Category name💯PercentageExact
Python in cloud4️⃣4.79%15 / 313
Language-independent programming11.16%74 / 663
React3️⃣11.58%35 / 302
Data science in IT Security13.49%34 / 252
Embedded Systems (C)13.82%30 / 217
Artifical Intelligence14.05%44 / 313
DevOps14.95%70 / 468
Cloud BI2️⃣16.93%31 / 183
Cloud Engineering17.36%62 / 357
Excel5️⃣18.35%96 / 523
Design Patterns19.12%87 / 455
Node.js fullstack development1️⃣19.32%63 / 326
Web development with traditional methods21.22%146 / 688
NetworKING22.71%87 / 383
Test automation23.46%84 / 358
Accessible websites28.90%111 / 384
Linux System Development and Maintenance47.50%200 / 421

Nevertheless I am looking forward to it next year!

Happy Coding!